The MoneyGo payment system affiliate program

Tell other people about MoneyGo and receive a reward in your account!

With our affiliate program you can give people your own unique link to MoneyGo and receive a percentage of the balance of users who sign up. You can talk about MoneyGo on your company website, a personal website or blog, in emails and on social media.

All you need is a link in the following format: where number is your unique individual number in the MoneyGo system.

If you represent a business or online service, having a MoneyGo banner, link or logo on your website will only strengthen your business’ reputation and will bring in revenue. You can see how much you have earned in your monthly statement or in your account under the heading “Affiliate program.”

You can refer visitors from your website to MoneyGo using whichever format suits you as we provide logos and banners in a variety of formats.