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Send money all over the world instantly, without hidden fees.

With MoneyGo, transactions are fast and secure, with no extra charges or hidden fees, and payment solutions are easy and convenient to use, with currently the lowest fees available anywhere.

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Multi-level security system

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E-wallet by MoneyGo is a user-friendly, fast, and secure way to make deposits, transfer funds, exchange money, process payments, and make withdrawals worldwide with ease.

  • MoneyGo breaks down borders! Send money worldwide to MoneyGo users instantly without fees.
  • Deposit money to your MoneyGo balance in any currency. We’ll automatically convert the added funds at the best exchange rate available.
  • Convert your money and store it safely in your E-wallet.
  • Easily withdraw funds in any way that suits your needs.

1. Register for free

We only need your email address and full name. Everything is very simple.

2. Verify your email

Wait for our email and verify your email address by following the link in the email notification.

3. Confirm your identity and your address

Verify your identity and your address by uploading documents on the My Account page (passport or utility bill).

4. Deposit money

Top up your account via bank transfer, bank card, bureaux de change or e-Vouchers.

5. That’s it!

Now you can take advantage of the secure transactions available with MoneyGo.

Maximum security

Guaranteed security! At MoneyGo, we guarantee maximum security for your financial transfers and the anonymity of your personal and financial data. We have also developed a cutting-edge data protection system using SSL/TLS encryption and two-factor authentication.

If the IP address or browser you are using changes, you will receive an email containing a verification code which you will need to use to login to the system.

Keep track of and review all your transactions in your account. If you see any transactions in your account that you do not recognize or which seem out of place, get in contact with our helpdesk. Our team will promptly take the necessary measures needed to rectify any possible issues.