About MoneyGo

MoneyGo is an electronic payment system that you can use to carry out secure and rapid transfers and financial transactions anywhere in the world.

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Multi-level security system

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Multilingual support service 24/7

Lowest transfer fees


MoneyGo excellence

MoneyGo is a successful international payment system that enables users to create an online wallet, store money in the wallet (in several currencies including rubles, dollars, euros, and cryptocurrencies) and that can be used to carry out transfers and make online payments. It is also possible to make money on currency exchanges between your own MoneyGo accounts.

MoneyGo is unique among its competitors in charging the lowest transfer fees, enabling instant transactions, and making it convenient to add money to your account and carry out internal transactions between your own accounts. MoneyGo has a modern and reliable security system to ensure that users’ data is kept confidential and secure.

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