Exchange rates

  • About this agreement

    1.1 This agreement defines the rights and obligations of users of the MoneyGo payment system (hereinafter the System).

    1.2 Users have the right to accept or reject these terms.

    1.3 This is a bilateral agreement that defines the rendering of information services to the user and does not oblige the latter to make any investments.

  • The provision of personal information by users

    2.1 Customers must provide valid personal information to the System. This information will only be used for verification purposes and will not be sent to any third parties.

    2.2 Once they have accepted this Agreement and started the registration process in the System, users must confirm their consent for data to be sent to the System and used for identification purposes and to carry out transactions.

    2.3 System users have the right to change their personal information.

    2.4 Customers of the System understand and consent to some transactions in the System being completed by third parties such as certified MoneyGo partners, and acknowledge that the System does not have complete control over such actions.

    2.5 Money Go customers are entitled to minimise use of their personal information.

  • Using a MoneyGo account

    3.1 A user account is the user's personal account that functions on the basis of the user's personal information.

    3.2 Customers are fully responsible for maintaining their account, access to their account and control thereof.

    3.3 The System is not liable for intentional or unintentional use by the client of their account for illegal transactions.

    3.4 Once a customer has registered in the MoneyGo system, they may not use it for illegal purposes or undertake any action that could damage the system.

    3.5 The System reserves the right to keep a record of operations and systematise all the transactions performed by customers within the System.

    3.6 User accounts cannot be transferred from one user to another unless the System management has been informed.

  • System transactions

    4.1 By logging into their account in the System, customers are responsible for all transactions carried out in the System using their account.

    4.2 By agreeing to become a System user, you recognise the right of the System to establish any internal cross-rates for the currencies and metals in which your funds are stored in the form of monetary units.

    4.3 The customer alone is liable for the migration or loss of their funds, including as a result of authorised access.

    4.4 Customers may not ask for transactions that they have completed in the System to be cancelled.

    4.5 A transaction may only be cancelled pursuant to a court ruling.

    4.6 Transactions completed in the System using an account registered to the user are highly secure for that account user and customers therefore cannot dispute their participation in such a transaction.

    4.6 Transactions completed in the System using an account registered to the user are highly secure for that account user and customers therefore cannot dispute their participation in such a transaction.

    4.7 Customers of the System must pay great attention to the accuracy of their actions as a number of transactions can be performed in MoneyGo with just one click.

  • Limited liability

    5.1 The System cannot be held liable for the customer losing money due to a defect in the System, unauthorised access, theft, force majeure or other special, indirect, incidental or consequential losses that could arise in connection with actions or inaction taken by third parties such as certified MoneyGo partners.

    5.2 The System and its management cannot be held liable for errors that occur because of inaccuracies in the information provided by the customer.

  • Termination of the agreement

    6.1 Customers of the System may inform MoneyGo management if they wish to close their account at any time. In this case, the account in the System and all personal information provided by the user during registration will be deleted once the applicant's identity has been verified and they are confirmed to be the user who registered the account.

    6.2 The System reserves the right to block an account temporarily or permanently if suspicions arise, pending an investigation.