e-Vouchers are the digital equivalent of a cheque.

You can easily create an e-Voucher using your MoneyGo account. The digital document has its own unique number, an activation code, the amount of the money transferred in or out, and the transaction date. The amount stated on the e-Voucher does not expire. You can send the e-Voucher to any user by text message, email or any other preferred method of communication.

The owner of the voucher can do with it as they see fit: exchange it for goods or services in an online shop, use it to top up their mobile phone balance, or even sell it. It is also easy to exchange e-Vouchers into any other currency or cash using our exchangers.

To protect users' confidentiality, the sender’s account is not displayed when sending an e-Voucher, and it is not included on the e-Voucher itself.